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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) is a technique developed by the American hypnotist and author Dolores Canon over 45 years ago. It is a journey to your consciousness where you can find the answers and healing in you through a hypnotic state of relaxation.

There are many reasons that can lead you to do a QHHT session; fears, anger, health, social and/ or mental problems, stress, addictions, clarity on your path, curiosity ...


Many of our physical and personal problems have an emotional origin. We just have to pull the thread until you find the knot to untie it. That's what the QHHT technique does: help you understand so that the problem fades.

We all have the answers and the solutions. It's as simple as it sounds. We have put layers and layers, and we have buried ourselves in them. That is why it is sometimes so difficult to bring them to light.


What exactly is the hypnotic state that QHHT uses? Where will it take me?


I will guide you to the Theta level of consciousness through visualisation. You naturally experience this state at least twice a day; the moment just before you become consciously awake and the moment just before you drift off to sleep. We also experience the theta state when we are immersed in a book, a movie, daydreaming… so our attention is so focussed that we switch off everything else. It is on the theta state where you naturally will find your answers.


During this deep state of relaxation, I will guide you through the most appropriate events of your past lives and / or present life or experiences of your soul. If you do not believe or doubt about the existence of past lives, do not worry, call them stories. I like to call them fables. You will see how those lives, fables or stories will relate to your current life and to your list of questions. They will take us to the most appropriate place and time for you in this particular moment of your life. For me it is always a fascinating surprise since I never know where we will end up.


Afterwards, we will move to the Higher Self. This is, on my opinion, the most interesting part. I like to call it the "One who knows everything". It is a wonderful experience where, with much love and respect, you will be given answers to your questions so that you can understand, heal and continue with your life in full knowledge of the limitations that, until now, prevented you from living a fulfil life.


It is important that you understand that the answers will be appropriate to your current consciousness state and moment.


I also want to make it clear that you, and only you, will have control of the session. I don’t cure nor heal anyone, I will just guide you so that you can reach the state of relaxation where your answers lie.


QHHT has no contraindications. This technique has been practiced for over 40 years, with wonderful results.



What will happen during the session?


First we will spend time getting to know each other. We will talk about the journey of your life, the important people and events of your life and the reasons that have led you to try this experience.

I will explain to you how easy it is to enter into this deep state of relaxation, where you will be guided towards this incredible experience. If you still have doubts or questions, this will be the time to talk about them.


We will then review your list of questions. It is important that I understand them well and in right context.


After sharing your personal experiences we will proceed with the hypnosis. I usually take you to 2 or 3 past lives before proceeding with the Higher Self. I remind you that it will be you, in a state of higher consciousness, who will answer your questions. I will record the session for you so that you can listen to it later. It is very important, if not essential, to listen to the audio after the session.


Finally, when you are out of the hypnotic state, we will talk about the session and review the answers given to your list of questions.



* The day of your appointment you will come with the list of questions that you would like to ask your Higher Self. I recommend that you make 2 lists; One relative to your health and one of personal / relational issues.

All kinds of questions are appropriated; health problems, addictions, conflict or love relationships with the closest ones, curiosities, your projects, even questions about your children or partner. Remember I am not going to judge you and everything that is said during the session will remain private.


* If you meditate, do a morning meditation on the day of your appointment, this will help you calm your mind. If you do not meditate, do some activity that will help you relax like walking, listening to music, swimming ... It is important that you come rested.


*Your intention is the key of a successful session. Once you have made the decision to do a quantum hypnosis session all around you starts connecting in order to have clear and fluid communication with your Higher Self. Days before the session repeat the following phrase several times a day: "I have a fluid and natural communication with my Higher Self.”


* The night before and the day of your appointment avoid taking stimulant drinks and alcohol.


* The session can last between 5 and 8 hours. Please do not make plans for that day. Dedicate the entire day to experience. That day is for you, so neither you nor I will be in a hurry.


* Eat well, but avoid eating foods that make you feel heavy before your session.


* The session is private. In the room will be just you and me.


* If we make the session at your place please note that only you and I will be in the room. It must be a place without excessive noises. You will need a bed in a twilight room and a lamp with a dim light so you can read your list of questions and make notes.


* Bring a pen or usb key so you can record your session. In case you do not have one do not worry, I'll send you the recording by Wetransfer.



I wish, with all my heart, that you enjoy this experience as much as I enjoy accompanying you.



During group regressions I will guide the group so that the subconscious or the Higher Self of each participant provides images of a past life as well as a message and gift from their guide. It is a great opportunity to enliven events, meetings and special events.


Anyone can enjoy this experience, you just have to relax and allow the images to succeed.


The session lasts approximately 2.5 hours.


          Part 1 - Regression Past Life

You will visit 3 important moments of a past life as well as the last day of that lifetime. You will be an observer of that experience without feeling physical or emotional symptoms.


         Part 2 - Know Your Guide

During this second part you will meet your spiritual guide from whom you will receive a message and a gift full of meaning.


Those who wish they can share their experience.

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